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Apr 20, 2018
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Elixir Archives

Meet Missouri's masters of mead (Apr 2nd 2018)

Join the Pegu Club revival (Feb 28th 2018)

Volcanic Wines: Mount Etna bottles bring the heat (Feb 1st 2018)

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3 Fail-Safe Wine Regions to Remember (Aug 1st 2017)

Booze Cruise (Jul 1st 2017)

7 St. Louis patios perfect for drinking alfresco (May 1st 2017)

Daiquiri Goals (May 1st 2017)

Gut Instinct (Apr 1st 2017)

Southern Spirit (Mar 1st 2017)

Made for Each Other (Feb 1st 2017)

King of Wines (Jan 4th 2017)

Buzzed Brews (Dec 1st 2016)

Pressed to impress (Nov 1st 2016)

Oktoberfest With the Best (Oct 1st 2016)

11 Foolproof Wine Lists (Sep 1st 2016)

Make the bësk of it (Aug 2nd 2016)

Say Salud to Sangria (Jul 1st 2016)

Keep Your Cool (Jun 1st 2016)

Some Like it Hot: 4 beers that bring the heat (May 2nd 2016)

Conquer the Wine List (Apr 1st 2016)

The Rookie’s Guide to a Side Project Bottle Release (Mar 11th 2016)

Best Beer Lists (Mar 11th 2016)

Steady as she Gose (Mar 11th 2016)

750s that are Worth It (Mar 9th 2016)

Awaken your Appetite (Mar 1st 2016)

Aquavit Ascending: Meet the spirit of the north (Feb 1st 2016)

Drink like Dionysus (Jan 1st 2016)

Holiday Beer Cheer (Dec 1st 2015)

Never Say Never (Nov 1st 2015)

Natural Wine: less is more (Oct 1st 2015)

The Lighter Side of Fortified (Sep 1st 2015)

Pack a Punch (Aug 1st 2015)

Drink like a Patriot (Jul 1st 2015)

Best of Bandol (Jun 1st 2015)

Elixir: 10 Cool Coffee Drinks (May 1st 2015)

How to Talk Like a Wine Snob (Apr 1st 2015)

Messing with time in a bottle (Mar 5th 2015)

Beer-sweet Symphony (Mar 5th 2015)

Rock of Ages (Feb 1st 2015)

Trading Places (Jan 1st 2015)

Belgian Bubbly (Dec 1st 2014)

Beer and a Bonbon (Nov 1st 2014)

Best of barrel-aging (Sep 1st 2014)

Slushes for lushes (Aug 1st 2014)

Cuckoo for coconuts (Aug 1st 2014)

Barbecue brews (Jul 1st 2014)

Orange is the new white (Jun 1st 2014)

Crushing on cans (Jun 1st 2014)

May bouquet (May 1st 2014)

Horseplay (May 1st 2014)

Sorel: hibiscus, spice and everything nice (Apr 1st 2014)

Chill that Red (Apr 1st 2014)

Elixir: In a Nutshell (Mar 1st 2014)

Sherry is so very ... (Feb 3rd 2014)

Best House Reds (Feb 1st 2014)

Buy This: Pinckney Bend's Classic Tonic Syrup (Jan 2nd 2014)

Neat Drinks (Dec 1st 2013)

Lager Love (Oct 1st 2013)

Grill-to-Glass Drinking (Jun 1st 2013)

Where Hot is Cool (Feb 1st 2013)

Merry Making (Dec 1st 2012)

Vermouth: Dusty No More (Oct 1st 2012)

MOJITO MASH-UP: A Perfect Summer Cocktail Gets Even Better (Jul 1st 2012)

Backwoods Booze Returns (May 1st 2012)

Two Mason Jars Walk Into a Bar (Apr 1st 2012)

High On the Once-Illicit Green Fairy (Mar 1st 2012)

Custom Rims (Feb 1st 2012)

Elixir From the Honey Pot (Jan 1st 2012)

Layering Up for Winter (Dec 1st 2011)

Hey bartender, can you gimme something for my cold? (Nov 1st 2011)

A Winning Lineup of Fall Beers (Oct 1st 2011)

Beer and Blank (Sep 1st 2011)

Short and Sweet (Aug 1st 2011)

A Simple, Syrupy Staple (Jul 1st 2011)

A Classic Summer Treat Grows Up (Jun 1st 2011)

An Iconic Sunday Drink Gets the Mixology Treatment (May 1st 2011)

Egg-Centric (Apr 1st 2011)

Westward Expansion (Mar 1st 2011)

Champagne Cocktails Add Pop to Winter Sipping (Feb 1st 2011)

A Cordial Encounter (Jan 3rd 2011)

Nuts for Nog (Dec 1st 2010)

Sip Scotch From Shuttered Stills (Nov 1st 2010)

Pumpkin Cocktails Spice Up Fall Drinking (Oct 1st 2010)

The Bartender’s Spice Rack (Sep 1st 2010)

Kilgore Uncorks a New Age in Mixology (Aug 1st 2010)

Saké Stars in Summertime Cocktails (Jul 1st 2010)

Sanctuaria Raises the Bar with Garden Bed (Jun 1st 2010)

K.C. Cocktailians to Shake it Up in St. Louis (May 1st 2010)

Mocktails, Anyone? (Apr 1st 2010)

Takin’ a Shine to Moonshine (Mar 1st 2010)

Ginger Liqueur and Mezcal Are Top-Shelf Selections for Doug Frost (Feb 1st 2010)

Square One’s Hop Schnapps: A New Spirit for St. Louis (Jan 1st 2010)

The (Not So) Lost Art of Punch (Dec 1st 2009)

A Scandinavian Spirit Hits STL (Nov 1st 2009)

Boxed Wines Are Back (Oct 1st 2009)

Spirited herbs (Sep 1st 2009)

Much to know beyond Nouveau (Aug 1st 2009)

The Belgians are coming! (Jul 1st 2009)

Not your grandma’s wine (Jun 1st 2009)

Back from the brink (May 1st 2009)

A changing of the guard (Apr 1st 2009)

Eat Italian, drink Missouri (Mar 1st 2009)

Missouri-made Valentines (Feb 1st 2009)

Profiting from local pours (Jan 1st 2009)

2008’s Top 10 (Dec 1st 2008)

Wine 101: Decanting (Nov 1st 2008)

So you want to start a winery? (Oct 1st 2008)

West side story (Sep 1st 2008)

Fast times at Slow Food Nation (Aug 1st 2008)

MO Wine heads across the river (Jul 1st 2008)

So you think you know MO wine? Prove it (Jun 1st 2008)

Local wines are the grill's perfect pair (May 1st 2008)

Missouri’s Wine and Grape Board is a national leader (Apr 1st 2008)

If you give a moose a beer ... (Mar 1st 2008)

Oenophiles benefit from Tony Bommarito’s passion for wine (Feb 1st 2008)

Missouri’s vintners take on the hard stuff (Jan 1st 2008)

Cheers to a monumental year in Missouri (Dec 1st 2007)

Demystifying the cost of wine (Nov 1st 2007)

Crown Valley Winery blazes a trail with innovation and showmanship (Oct 1st 2007)

Wine judges' stronger credentials give competitions greater credibility (Sep 1st 2007)

A trifecta of winemakers may signal a new era in Missouri (Aug 1st 2007)

Favorite winery: Mount Pleasant’s wines excel across the spectrum (Jul 1st 2007)

2007 will test winemakers’ creativity at sourcing and blending (Jun 1st 2007)

Opportunities for wine education abound – but the best begin in the bottle (May 1st 2007)

Missouri wines can benefit from glasses designed for European varietals (Apr 1st 2007)

A rarity in the world of wine experts hails from Missouri (Mar 1st 2007)

Would you like fries with that? Wine pairings aren’t limited to gourmet fare (Feb 1st 2007)

Here’s the scoop on those ‘winner’ medals on wine labels (Jan 1st 2007)

The year’s reflections on a good glass of wine (Dec 1st 2006)

No matter how you slice it, turkey’s a tough pairing (Nov 1st 2006)

More wineries turn to screw caps to solve a smelly problem (Sep 29th 2006)

Pink is pretty but does not necessarily mean sweet (Sep 1st 2006)

Yes, a grape is a fruit, but fruit wine not from grapes? (Aug 1st 2006)

Favorite Place to do a wine tasting: The Wine Merchant covers the bases with classes and samplings (Jul 1st 2006)

Missouri coopers have a big impact on the world’s wine industry (Jun 1st 2006)

The complex world of viticultural areas is rife with wine-geek trivia (May 1st 2006)

McCormick’s stills haven’t run dry in 150 years (Mar 31st 2006)

Wine 101: All you need to know for a basic wine tasting (Mar 1st 2006)

Missouri’s delicious fortified wines make it easy to pull into port (Feb 1st 2006)

Nothing warms the winter like seasonal beers (Jan 1st 2006)

Champagne by any other name tastes just as sweet (Dec 1st 2005)

Versatile Chambourcin grapes are growing on Missouri winemakers (Nov 1st 2005)

How You Like Your Coffee Tells a Lot About How You Like Your Wine (Oct 3rd 2005)

Judges Hunker Down for Serious Swirling, Sniffing, Sipping – and Arguing (Sep 2nd 2005)

To Be Successful, Wine Lists Must Be User-Friendly (Aug 1st 2005)

Favorite Wine List: It’s No Riddle Why Andy Ayers’ Wine List is so Popular (Jul 1st 2005)

Adam Puchta, America’s Oldest Family-Owned Winery, Celebrates 150 Years (Jun 1st 2005)

Blending Allows Vintners to Create More Interesting Wines (May 1st 2005)

New Hybrid Grapes are Poised to Overcome Missouri’s Cantankerous Climate (Apr 1st 2005)

Newsletter Offers a Shortcut to Figuring Out Wines' Quality-Price Ratio (Mar 2nd 2005)

Smaller is Better (Feb 28th 2005)

A New Gameplan is Critical for the Wine Industry's Top 'Chien' (Feb 3rd 2005)

These Days, Vodka is Dressed Up, Globalized, Fetishized and Over-Marketed (Jan 4th 2005)

Here's to a Happy, Healthy 2005 (Dec 24th 2004)

Biodynamic Viticulture Benefits The Land, The Farmer and The Wine Lover (Dec 3rd 2004)

Syrah Slides Right Past Pinot Noir as the New Darling of California (Nov 3rd 2004)

Spain Continues to Reveal New and Remarkable Wine Regions (Oct 5th 2004)

Drinking Dierbergs (Oct 4th 2004)

Drink the Pink Before You Bid Farewell to Summer (Sep 3rd 2004)

It’s Getting Hot in Here, so Drink a Cold Glass of Moscato d’Asti (Aug 3rd 2004)

Anything But Chardonnay? (Aug 2nd 2004)

Best Wine List: One of the Best Reads Around, From Start to Finish (Jun 27th 2004)

Missouri Wineries Do Themselves Proud (Jun 22nd 2004)

A Family Lunch With One of The Country’s Largest Wine Importers (Jun 1st 2004)

White Wine and Spring Go Together Like BBQ and the Fourth of July (May 4th 2004)

Wine, Like Baseball, Used to Be a Finesse Sport (Apr 8th 2004)

When it Comes to Tasting, is Justice Really Blind? (Apr 4th 2004)

Tasting Blind (Mar 25th 2004)

Tasting the Sun: Winespeak is necessary, not snobbish (Mar 5th 2004)

Warm Drinks Rescue a Cold Winter (Jan 5th 2004)

Little-Known Holidays Jazz Up January (Jan 1st 2004)

What Wine Goes with Turkey? (Nov 14th 2003)

Thanksgiving is a Time to Serve Aperitifs and Digestifs (Nov 5th 2003)

California Chardonnay: The move toward a two-party system (Oct 5th 2003)

Wine Drinkers Can Toast Industry Trends (Sep 5th 2003)

The Wines of Jerry Lohr (Jun 6th 2003)

Odds and Ends From the Wine Trail (Mar 6th 2003)

A Wee Nip for St. Pat's (Mar 5th 2003)

Pullin In To Port (Feb 5th 2003)

Tasting Red Wines (Jan 16th 2003)

The Sin of White Zin (Jan 5th 2003)

The Ratings Game (Jan 5th 2003)

Control Yourself! (Dec 12th 2002)

Consumer Mistakes Case by Case (Nov 28th 2002)

Increase Your Wine Knowledge One Book at a Time (Oct 13th 2002)

California Winemakers Visit St. Louis (Sep 17th 2002)

Wine 101 (Sep 10th 2002)

An Afternoon with Rick Sayre (Aug 9th 2002)

Seder Wines (Mar 20th 2002)

Red Wine Musings (Feb 9th 2002)

Holiday Sparklers (Dec 16th 2001)

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